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Social Dental Implants

Would you like to smile once more?

Do you want new teeth on dental implants at extremely low prices?
Now you can make your dream come true!

Duval, in collaboration with an important Italian producer of dental implants that is registered in the medical devices of the Ministry for Health, offers you a fixed prosthesis on implants/dental implants at social prices that are extremely cheap  directly at the collaborating dental clinic in Milan. Certified and guaranteed dental implants made in Italy, thousands of cases successfully treated.
All the procedures will be carried out by Italian doctors and supervised by surgeons with more than 20 years experience.

Call us now, there are only a few places available!
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Procedure in the case of a missing tooth.

When a tooth is missing the insertion of an implant is better than a bridge. The procedure is painless and in addition the adjacent teeth need be not be filed and the treatment is carried out only where the tooth is missing.

Procedure in the case of a total lack of teeth

In the case of total lack of teeth 6-8 implants are inserted and these act as the support for the circular bridge. Implantology is the most modern method to solve the problems of loss of teeth. Our procedure involves:

  • consultation with the specialist for the first procedure
  • overview
  • evaluation of the work to be carried out
  • planning the intervention with the patient
  • insertion of the implants following the highest standards
  • use of high-quality materials
  • total support after the insertion of the implants
  • guarantee on the dental implants

The procedures of implantology at our clinic are carried out by doctors with many years of experience who are specialists in oral surgery and implantology.

The dental implant is a specific titanium screw that is inserted into the bone of the upper or the lower arch of the jaw with a surgical procedure.  The implant is made from biocompatible material that is accepted by the body as if it were an integral part. After insertion of the implant a superstructure is positioned on which the crown, bridge or the mobile prosthesis will rest. The crown or the bridge are fixed solutions which take the place of the natural teeth and are the only part visible in the mouth at the end of the therapy.

The implant procedure takes place under local anaesthesia. The process of bone integration depends on the state of the patient’s bone and the genetic characteristics.

In order to maintain the guarantee on the implants it is necessary to regularly visit the dentist twice a year and to observe proper dental hygiene that must be carried out as per any natural tooth.

Rejection of the implants is an exceptionally rare occurrence.  The implants must be inserted into each person who no longer has milk teeth, who are missing one or more teeth and who wants a better and more natural solution.


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